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Small Acts Big Change
PO Box 1374
La Canada, CA 91011



At Small Acts Big Change, kids helping kids change the world is what we are all about. Although we work on a variety of causes, our core focus includes preventing animal homelessness, ending child poverty and keeping Southern California's coastal waters healthy.   Our projects are lead by kids who encourage other kids to get involved to make a difference.  We Care Kits, Operation 500 Books, 9 Small Acts of Kindness, the Neighborhood Grocery Bag Campaign, Share Your Warm and The Great Toy Challenge are just of few of the opportunities we offer children as a way to make a difference.


9 Small Acts of Kindness

After identifying a need for children to have easy access to volunteer opportunities at school, Gracie created the 9 Small Acts of Kindness Campaign.  During the school year, Small Acts Big Change organizes and leads one volunteer opportunity each month.  No fund-raising is ever involved and the activities are simple projects that help others by using supplies on-hand whenever possible. In the attached photo, the rescued chimpanzees from the Wildlife Waystation are enjoying treats that our student volunteers made for them.



The Neighborhood Grocery Bag Campaign

The  Neighborhood Grocery Bag campaign is one simple way to involve local communities in doing for others.  Our child volunteers- who are always accompanied by at least one adult- choose a street in our city and pass out flyers attached to recycled grocery bags. The kids leave one bag with a flyer at each house asking the people in the homes to donate supplies to care for under-privileged people and animals in our community.  Items requested include non-perishable food, canned or dry pet food, new and gently used towels or baby blankets, and toiletries.  Our volunteers return to the street and pick up the full bags at a pre-determined time.  The kids sort the collected items and then help deliver the donations to charities in our community.  It's an easy way to create positive change. People in the community have an opportunity to be involved in a service project, our child volunteers are making a difference, and the recipients of the donations benefit immensely.



Pay It Forward, Pass It On

Grand gestures of philanthropy are terrific, but they're, well, grand!  They require extensive planning and often substantial financial resources.  Fortunately, research has shown that small acts of kindness have serious payoffs for both the giver and the receiver.  Everyday kindness has been linked to better health and certainly to a better world.  Through our Pay It Forward, Pass It On Campaign, we aim to teach children about the power of compassion and to inspire them to extend kindness everywhere.  Would you like to help us spread kindness?  Please email us to request a few (free!) Small Acts Big Change Pay It Forward, Pass It On kindness cards.